Vocalzone lozenges throat pastilles This is a Great Vocalzone lozenges Offer from Successful Singing. Vocalzone throat pastilles are very popular with our customers and if you have not tried them, it often makes the difference in your performance. Vocalzone Throat Pastilles are a unique blend of natural ingredients formulated to provide powerful relief from irritated […]

Musical Backing Tracks

 Musical Backing Tracks. A comprehensive catalogue of musical theatre backing tracks, listed by show. A comprehensive catalogue of musical theatre backing tracks available as mp3 download or you can choose to have your tracks sent to you on CD.   Listen to samples before you buy.  All tracks are licensed for your own personal use […]

Opera Backing Tracks

Classical and Opera Backing Tracks Classical Music, Art Songs, Lieder, Aria’s and Opera Backing Tracks available.  Suitable for high or low voice eg: Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass.Available to download or have sent to you on CD. Brahms, Mozart, Bizet, Dvorak, Rossini, Puccini, Reger, Schubert, Menotti and many more. A Abendempfindung (High Voice) – Mozart view […]

Find Your Vocal Range

How To Find Your Vocal Range Every singer would like to know what their voice type is.  Try our easy to use video to help you discover what range you sing in. First we will find the lowest note that you can reach.Simply sing ‘la’ to each note that is played.On screen you will see […]


Learn To Sing – Breathing Breathing One of the cornerstones of learning to sing is knowing how to breathe correctly and learn to control your breathing , so that it is used to optimum effect when you sing.When we are born, our breathing is naturally correct: babies can breathe, yell and scream with optimum effect […]

The Importance Of Drinking Water When Singing

 The Importance Of Drinking Water When Singing Our vocal cords are delicate membranes, which are coated with a protective mucosal lining that protects them from the natural friction which occurs when we speak or sing.This mucus coating can easily become imbalanced, for example when we get a cough or cold, we may produce more mucus […]