Clarity Voice Spray

All Natural Voice Spray Available in two great tasting flavours : Honey & Lemon  or Elderberry Flavours Clarity Voice Spray.                The all-natural spray created by singers for singers, artists, entertainers. Also used by actors, teachers, trainers and call-centre staff. Clarity Voice Spray is perfect for your singing lessons, […]


Anton Zaslavski  (born 2 September 1989), better known by his stage name Zedd is a Russian-German record producer, DJ, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. His stage name is derived from the first letter of his surname. He primarily produces and performs electro house music, but has diversified his genre and musical style, drawing influences from progressive house, dubstep, and classical music. He grew up and began his career […]


Foxes, is a British singer, songwriter and model. Her vocals featured on Zedd‘s 2012 single “Clarity”, which peaked at number eight on the Billboard Hot 100 and won a Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording. Foxes’ debut album, ‘Glorious’, was released in the United Kingdom in 2014 and features the top 20 singles “Youth”, “Let Go for Tonight” and “Holding onto Heaven”. Her […]

Christmas Stocking Fillers

  For more information on Clarity, click the link below:   A Perfect Pocket Guide for Musical Students Choose from 1000’s of Backing Tracks and make the perfect ‘mix-tape’ for the singer in your life.              

The Voice And Ageing

The Voice & Ageing By Sara Harris, Speech and Language Therapist specialised in Voice Disorders.   How do we change with ageing? Ageing is natural and affects us all. People’s voices do change with age, but the age at which these changes become noticeable is very variable, and many people weather ageing extremely well. The […]

Vocal Nodule

Vocal Nodule A Vocal nodule develops as the result of repeated trauma to the vocal chords.  An example would be if you wear shoes too tight, they are going to rub , get sore and eventually will cause a blister or callous. With regards to your vocal chords, a small, soft swelling will develop at […]

John Mayer

John Mayer: Belief… Clarity… Daughters… Love On The Weekend… No Such Thing… Say… Your Body Is Wonderful… John Clayton Mayer is an American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer. After his appearance at the 2001 South by Southwest Festival, he released his first EP, “Inside Wants Out”. His following two albums: “Room for Squares” (2001) and “Heavier Things” […]

Klarhed Voice Spray

Klarhed Voice Spray Den helt naturlige spray skabt af sangere til sangere, kunstnere, entertainere. Også brugt af skuespillere, lærere, undervisere og call-center medarbejdere. Kun friske, bruges lokale råvarer. Der er ingen kunstige farver, smagsstoffer, konserveringsmidler, alkohol eller parabener i vores sprays. Handy lomme størrelse 30 ml (ca. 70 spray) Giv din stemme Klarhed i dag! […]

Spray Stimme Klarheit.

Spray Stimme Klarheit. Das natürliche von Sängern geschaffen Spray für Sänger, Künstler, Entertainer. Auch von den Schauspielern , Lehrern, Ausbildern verwendet, und Call-Center-Mitarbeiter. Zubereitung werden ausschließlich frische Zutaten aus der Region verwendet. Es gibt keine künstlichen Farbstoffe, Aromen, Konservierungsmittel , Alkohol oder Parabenen in unseren Sprays. Handytasche Größe 30mls (ca. 70 Sprays) Geben Sie Ihre […]

Clarté Spray Gorge.

Clarté Spray Gorge. Le spray entièrement naturel créé par les chanteurs pour chanteurs, artistes et entertainer   Le spray entièrement naturel créé par les chanteurs pour chanteurs, artistes, animateurs. Également utilisé par les acteurs, les enseignants, les formateurs et le personnel du centre d’appels. Seulement frais, ingrédients locaux sont utilisés. Il n’y a pas colorants […]

Aerosol Claridad de voz. Hecho para cantantes

Aerosol Claridad de voz. Hecho para cantantes El spray totalmente natural creado por cantantes para cantantes, artistas, animadores. También utilizado por los actores, profesores, formadores y personal del centro de llamadas. Sólo fresca, se utilizan ingredientes de origen local. No hay colores artificiales, sabores, conservantes, alcohol o parabenos en nuestros aerosoles. práctico bolsillo tamaño de […]

Spruzzo Voce Chiarezza Spray chiarezza della voce. Realizzato per cantanti

Spruzzo Voce Chiarezza  Spray chiarezza della voce. Realizzato per cantanti   Lo spray tutto naturale creato da cantanti per cantanti, artisti, animatori. Utilizzato anche da attori, insegnanti, formatori e call-center personale.   Solo fresco, vengono utilizzati ingredienti di provenienza locale. Non ci sono artificiali colori, aromi, conservanti, alcool o parabeni nei nostri spray. Handy tasca […]

Tongue Twisters For Singers

Vocal Warm-Ups -Tongue Twisters Singers often consider their tone to be the one of the most important parts of their voice.   Stage presence, confidence, vocal range and agility also feature as important areas. Often singers do not consider the need for crisp, clear and precise articulation to complement and add to their vocal delivery. Know […]

Diction For Singers

  Diction for Singers.   Diction is the art of speaking so that each word is clearly heard. In music, this is very important as without it songs may lose their meaning to the listener. So what is diction for singers? Although both music and lyrics are important, if the words cannot be understood, the song […]