Alexis Jordan

alexis jordanAlexis Jordan

At the age of 12, Jordan served as an opening act for Smokey Robinson at a Stevie Wonder tribute concert but it wasn’t until she appeared on the first series of America’s Got Talent that she came into the public eye, even though she was eliminated from the show.

She subsequently began to upload cover songs to YouTube, which received millions of views.  The success of these videos led Alexis Jordan to the attention of record producers Jay Z and the Stargate Record label who signed her up.

Although her debut album did rather well and a UK tour was spawned from it, Alexis Jordan has slipped out of the limelight and seems to be concentrating on family life.

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Good Girl

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I like tight jeans, dark shades,
When I walk the ground shakes (boom)
Like an 808 (boom)
You appreciate my lean
Body nice shape,
Wanna take me on a date (move)
You’ve got what it takes (move)
You better have some cake.


I like, how I’m catching your eyes,
I like, how I don’t even try,
I like you, I like you boy,

You might mistake me for heart breaker,
’cause there’s blood on the floor,
I’m hoping you will see, there’s something good in me,
Never seen before,
Might mistake me for a heart breaker,
’cause there’s blood on the floor,
I know you’re shaking me,
My heart is there for keeps, there’s an open door.

I know I can be a good, good girl,
I know I can be a good, good girl,
I know I can be a good girl,
But I’ve been bad before.

I chew bubble gum and talk fast,

Switch up to high class (grooves)
On my day to day (grooves)
On these 28’s,
My hydraulics bump hard,
But I can’t kiss a car. (lose)
If you walk away (lose)
This could be your day


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