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Please Put My Tracks On CD
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If you wanna wait, oh,
Till I come down,
We can run away, oh,
To the city.

Here we are, it’s the right time,
Let me know you feel the same,
As before.

Look me in the eyes,
And tell me that you wanna stay,
It took me by surprise when she said,

I could be your pornstar,
We could leave the lights on.
You can feel my heart beat,
And it won’t stop.
Show me how to fake it,
You can taste my lipstick.
Then we’ll turn the lights off,
Touch me in the dark.

This love in my head, darling I can’t pretend,
That I’m getting out, I’m getting out,
So far away, so far away, now.

Standing in the rain, oh,
Where I left you,
It’s another day, oh,
In the city.

Look me eyes and tell that you wanna stay,
I could see her smile when she said ….

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