Anne Shelton

Anne Shelton was an English vocalist, who is remembered for singing inspirational songs for soldiers during the Second World War. She had a had the major hit with ‘Lay Down Your Arms‘, which reached No. 1 on the UK Singles Chart, and stayed in the Top Twenty for 14 weeks.

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Lay Down Your Arms

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Come to the station
Jump from the train
March at the double
Down lover’s lane
Then in the glen
Where the roses entwine
Lay down your arms
(Lay down your arms)
Lay down your arms
And surrender to mine

My sweetheart is a soldier
As handsome as can be
But suddenly they sent him
Away across the sea

So patiently I waited
Until his leave was due
Then wrote and said, my darling
I’ll tell you what to do

[Repeat Chorus]
A soldier is a soldier
And when he’s on parade
An order is an order
And has to be obeyed