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Backing Tracks FAQ

Welcome to Successful Singing’s Backing Tracks.  All our backing tracks are available for instant mp3 download or available on CD. Our backing tracks are listed Alphabetically by Artist, or have been listed under their particular genre, alternatively you can use the search bar to help you search for a particular song title or an artist which hasn’t yet been added to this list.

Listen to the a sample of the track before you buy: To hear a sample, press the play button under the track you wish to hear.  You can adjust the volume, stop and pause the track.   Our backing tracks may contain backing vocals.  If you need help with this, please ask.

I can’t find what I’m looking for: Try the search bar below. It will search both song names and artist names.  You can also contact us if you can’t find what you’re looking for.


Download your track automatically in MP3 format, or choose to have it posted on CD.


Instant Download: If you wish to purchase it, click the ‘add to cart’ button.  Your shopping basket will appear in the top right of the page.    When you have finished browsing and shopping, simply click the ‘checkout with Paypal’ button – you do not need a Paypal account to use this facility.  You also have the option to pay by credit and debit cards. Once you have paid for your purchase, you will be automatically taken to a page on our website, where you will find the download links for your purchases and your backing track can be instantly downloaded. Please note these download links are only active for 24 hours. A confirmation email will be sent to you also containing a link to your backing track downloads.   Please Note – These download links are only active for 24 hours. please ensure that you have downloaded your tracks to your computer in this time.

Tracks on CD:   You can choose to have your tracks put onto CD and posted to you.  You will see a Please Put My Tracks on CD option on our track pages.  (There is also the option to add your tracks on CD in the shipping options.)  You only need to add this once per order.   When you have finished shopping, click on the ‘checkout with Paypal button.  You do not need a Paypal account to use this facility.  It will also take credit and debit cards.  You will automatically be given confirmation of your order, and your disc will be ready for dispatch within 1 working day of purchase.  Please allow for delivery times.

Please Put My Tracks On CD
Please Put My Tracks On CD
Add this to your cart if you prefer to have your tracks put onto a CD. We have a comprehensive Backing Track collection. If you can't find what you're looking for, then please ask us. We use your address registered with Paypal. Please make sure this is up-to-date.

Below are the answers to a few questions you may have.  If you do have a problem, please get in touch and we will sort it out for you.

I haven’t received my download’s email:  Your email will be sent to the email you have registered with Paypal.   Please check your junk folders first as they often hide there.

My track doesn’t download: Our server’s security may not allow you to access your links if you are using an older version of an internet browser.  Please ensure that your computer has the latest update for your internet browser programe (eg Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc)

I can only play the track online.  How do I download? A few customers have experienced a problem where they can only play the track online and can’t see a way to download their track.  A black page appears with a play bar in the middle.  If this happens to you, simply right click your mouse on the page and a box of options will appear.  Click on ‘Save As’ and your computer will download the track.   If you don’t have a right click option on your mouse, you will need to configure your mouse in your computer settings.

Click here for a more in-depth guide to downloading your tracks

My download links have expired: Our website automatically generates links, which are active for 24 hours.  This should give you enough time to download your tracks onto your computer.  There is also a limit as to how many times you can download your track(s).  Please contact us if you experience a problem and we will issue new links to you.

I haven’t received my CD: Our download site is automatic, and unless you let us know otherwise, we assume that you have received the appropriate links for you to get your tracks. Did you pay for shipping on your order? Each invoice that contains an order for Please Put My Tracks on CD or you have paid a shipping charge is separated and passed onto the studio to be processed/posted.   If your order does not  include this, then we will assume that your order was for download only.   Requests for tracks on CD are processed within 1 working day and posted using a standard postal service.   If you haven’t received your disc in a timely manner, then please contact us for further advice.

I ordered 10 tracks and paid for 2 CD’s.  Why didn’t you give me 2 copies of the CD?  Due to licensing regulations we will only put the tracks you have purchased onto the CD.  An example of this is you order 10 tracks and 2 CDs, you will not get 2 CD’s each containing the 10 tracks you ordered.   You would also have to have purchased 2 copies of your tracks too. We would have contacted you to explain this and either refunded the difference, or advised you to purchase the extra tracks, depending on your needs.

I just bought a track. I can’t download it and you are not answering my emails: Our website is automatic and we allow staff to go home at night and on weekends.  Unfortunately if you get a problem over the weekend, your email(s) are not going to be picked up until the next working day.  We will then get in touch with you and sort out your problem quickly.

What can I use your backing tracks for? Our backing tracks have been licensed for your own personal use only.   Personal use is defined as home use, practice sessions, auditions and gigs. If you intend to use our tracks for any other use, such as recording your voice over the track and putting it on to social media, television and radio broadcasts, etc please get in touch with us and we can advise you further on the different licence you’ll need.

All our  tracks are licensed by MCPS/PRS.

If you still experience a problem with your backing tracks, or need further help. Please contact us and we will get in touch and sort it out for you as soon as we can.

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