Formed in 1984,  UK pop band The Housemartins originally comprised Paul Heaton, Stan Cullimore, Ted Key and Hugh Whitaker.  Their modesty and  plain image disguised a genuine songwriting talent, which quickly emerged with Marxist and Christian themes which reflected the beliefs of Heaton at the time. During late 1985, Key was replaced by Norman Cook and in 1986, the band achieved their first UK hit with their third release, the infectious ‘Happy Hour’, which climbed to number 3. In December 1986, their excellent a cappella version of ‘Caravan Of Love’ (originally by Isley Jasper, Isley) gave them a deserved UK number 1 hit.

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Caravan Of Love

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Are you ready Are you ready
Are you ready Are you ready
Are you ready for the time of your life
It’s time to stand up and fight
It’s alright It’s alright
Hand in hand we take a caravan to the mother land
One by one we gonna stand up with pride
One that can’t be denied
Stand up Stand up
From the highest mountain, valley low
We’ll join together with hearts of gold
Now the children of the world can see
This is a better place for us to be
The place in which we were born
So neglected and torn apart
Every woman every man
Join the caravan of love
(Stand up) stand up
Stand up
Everybody take a stand
Join the caravan of love
(Stand up) stand up
Stand up
I’m your brother
I’m your brother don’t you know
She’s my sister
She’s my …….