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Sleep Walking

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I woke up at the foot of my bed
with my blue jeans on and you stuck in my head
I take it all back, I don’t mean what I said

Dead roses on the bedside table
and a movie on, I think it’s Betty Grable
I’ve been here for days so what’s a couple days more?

I’ve been sleepwalking
dreams talking
telling myself that soon I will be feeling alright
We’ve been cheap thrillin
and free wheeling
taking the worries and giving them up to the night

I replay all the scenes in my head
till I get blue in the face while you’re waking the dead
Is it just me or do you miss me?

I’m walking these city streets
life is so incomplete
everywhere I look

I’m walking these city streets
and every set of eyes I meet
read me like a book

CHORUS (to fade)