Sutherland Brothers

Sutherland Brothers (The) (Gavin and Iain Sutherland) originally performed as a folk and rock music duo in the British music scene in the early 1970s, and then from 1973 to 1978 joined with rock band Quiver to record and tour as Sutherland Brothers & Quiver. Under this combined moniker, the group recorded several albums and had a significant international hit single with the song “Arms of Mary” in 1976. In North America they are primarily known for their 1973 debut single “(I Don’t Want to Love You But) You Got Me Anyway”

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Arms Of Mary

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The lights shine down the valley
The wind blows up the alley
Oh how I wish I were lying in the
Arms of Mary
She took the pains of boyhood
And turned them into feel good
Oh how I wish I were lying in the
Arms of Mary
Mary was the girl who taught me all I had
To know, she put me right on my first mistake
Summer wasn’t gone when I’d learned all she had
To show, she really gave all a boy could take
So now when I feel lonely
Still looking for the one and only
That’s when I wish I were lying in the
Arms of Mary …..