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  Do You Love Me

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You broke my heart ‘Cause I couldn’t dance
You didn’t even want me around
And now I’m back, To let you know
I can really shake ’em down

Do you love me?    (I can really move)
Do you love me?    (I’m in the groove)
Ah, do you love?    (Do you love me)
Now that I can dance  (Dance)

Watch me now, oh   (Work, work)
Ah, work it all baby   (Work, work)
Well, you’re drivin’ me crazy   (Work, work)
With a little bit of soul now   (Work)

I can mash-potato   (I can mash-potatoe)
And I can do the twist   (I can do the twist)
Now tell me baby   (Tell me baby)
Mmm, do you like it like this   (Do you like it like this)
Tell me   (Tell me)   Tell me