Vincenzo Bellini

belliniVincenzo Bellini

Vincenzo Salvatore Bellini was an Italian composer born in 1801. It is reported that he was a musically gifted child who composed his first pieces of music at aged 6. He studied music at the Conservatory of Naples. After finishing his studies he went to La Scala in Milan where he met the librettist (lyric writer) Felice Romani who became Bellini’s main creative partner, providing the libretti for most of Bellini’s operas.

His operas are best known for their flowing and long melody lines and one of the favourites is now Norma, which although did not fare well in the beginning, has risen in popularity, possibly due to Maria Callas frequently making her debut in a new city with a production of the Bellini Opera.

Backing Tracks

Casta Diva – Norma