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Warm Ups And Work Outs For The Developing Choir Volume 1

Warm Ups And Work Outs For Developing Choirs  Frequently, amateur choral directors have to rely on warm-up exercises they have picked up during their own choral experience. This book aims to give such people a brief guide to vocal exercises which work to specific purposes. Emily Crocker is well known for her work with developing […]

Singing – Ross Campbell

Singing – Ross Campbell “SINGING – AN EXTENSIVE HANDBOOK FOR ALL SINGERS AND THEIR TEACHERS”   written by the internationally renowned Singing Specialist, Teacher & Performer  ROSS CAMPBELL to go directly to purchase please click here: The HARDBACK has been professionally designed so: It is a large enough size for the diagrams and musical exercises to […]

How To Win X Factor

How To Win X Factor – Book by Keeley Bolger. Since it was first screened in 2004, the X Factor has become essential weekend viewing, with regular TV audiences of over 12 million – but the question remains, how do you win? How do you impress the formidable judges? Is it the singer or the […]

The Pop Composers Handbook

The Pop Composer’s Handbook Anyone who can pick up a pencil can draw. Anyone who can sing or play an instrument can compose. Following the successful formula of The Pop Composers Handbook, The Pop Composer’s Handbook is a step-by-step guide to the composition of melody, harmony, rhythm and structure and covers styles and song-writing techniques from rock, reggae […]

Let’s All Sing Pop Hits

Lets All Sing Pop Hits Let’s all sing, just for the fun of it! Be a POP star and sing some of the biggest hits by Bruno Mars, Taio Cruz, Adam Young, Black Eyed Peas, Bon Jovi and Justin Bieber! Perfect for group singing in the classroom, choir or community, these songs have been carefully […]

Rock Vocals: A Guide to Proper Technique, Developing Your range and More

Unlock the method to the madness! Rock Vocals is a dynamic guide to singing in rock and pop styles. You will understand how your voice works and how to take care of it with proper vocal technique. A variety of ranges and effects are also discussed, as well as information on staying healthy, gig and […]