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Choosing the perfect audition song

Choosing the perfect audition song Choosing your perfect audition song can be pretty overwhelming. Not only do you have one chance to prove your talent, but you probably have less than 5 minutes in which to perform it.   You need to choose a song which will showcase your vocals and make you stand out from the crowd.  Choose your song […]

Tone and Resonance

Tone and Resonance   Singing is produced by the same anatomical structures.  Sound made by the vibration of the vocal cords as air from your lungs passes through The vocal cords/folds) are two bands of elastic muscle tissue. They are located side by side in the voice box (larynx) just above the windpipe (trachea).  These […]

Voice Registers

Voice Registers Voice register is a term used to describe the difference in tones produced by the human voice in varied ranges. People who sing may have noticed that they experience sensations in different parts of the body, depending on what range they sing in. This can be attributed to the presence of different vocal […]

Positive Effects Of Singing

Positive Effects Of Singing Whenever you sing, you’re not only just making a beautiful noise, you’re also improving your health and giving your body a total workout. The positive effects of singing, show it doesn’t matter what level you sing at, whether you sing in the car or a choir, science is proving that singing […]

Scales and Vocal Exercises

Scales and vocal exercises Singing exercises will improve the strength, flexibility and stamina of your vocal cords.  We have included a few exercises here that will help you learn to sing, but they don’t replace advice from your own vocal coach/singing teacher/choir leader if you have one. You should always gently warm-up your voice before […]

The Voice And Ageing

The Voice & Ageing By Sara Harris, Speech and Language Therapist specialised in Voice Disorders.   How do we change with ageing? Ageing is natural and affects us all. People’s voices do change with age, but the age at which these changes become noticeable is very variable, and many people weather ageing extremely well. The […]

Vocal Nodule

Vocal Nodule A Vocal nodule develops as the result of repeated trauma to the vocal chords.  An example would be if you wear shoes too tight, they are going to rub , get sore and eventually will cause a blister or callous. With regards to your vocal chords, a small, soft swelling will develop at […]
glossary of singing terms and names

Glossary Of Singing Terms

Glossary Of Singing Terms: Our definition guide to some of the words you’ll hear that are used within the singing community.   A Cappella:              Singing without any form of instrumental accompaniment. Absolute Pitch: Ability to determine the exact pitch of a note as played on a musical instrument just by listening to it Accelerando: A […]

Audition Advice

Audition Advice Whether you wish to be the next superstar, or just want a place in a band, choir or musical production, having a successful singing audition will help you achieve your dream.   So many people turn up for auditions totally unprepared and are just setting themselves up for failure, yet with a little bit […]

About Your Voice

About Your Voice. Your voice is the sound made by vibration of the vocal cords caused by air passing out through the larynx bringing the cords closer together. The vocal cords (also known as vocal folds) are two bands of elastic muscle tissue. They are located side by side in the voice box (larynx) just […]

About Breathing

About Breathing One of the cornerstones of learning to sing is knowing how to breathe correctly and learn to control your breathing , so that it is used to optimum effect when you sing. When we are born, our breathing is naturally correct: babies can breathe, yell and scream with optimum effect because they use […]

Tongue Twisters For Singers

Vocal Warm-Ups -Tongue Twisters Singers often consider their tone to be the one of the most important parts of their voice.   Stage presence, confidence, vocal range and agility also feature as important areas. Often singers do not consider the need for crisp, clear and precise articulation to complement and add to their vocal delivery. Know […]

Singing With An Accompanist

Singing with an accompanist As a singer you may want to seek out an accompanist that you can work with. So here are a few tips to help build a good working relationship with each other. Relationships It is important that you both get along and can work as a team as you may well […]

Singing in a choir

Singing In A Choir Have you ever wanted to be part of some kind of entertainment but were too embarrassed to be on a stage by yourself? Well a choir might be just the thing for you. This guide will help you get started singing in a choir. Consider the type of choir you want […]

Learning Lyrics

Learning lyrics In some styles of singing eg choral or band you would probably need to have your music in front of you.  However if you were a solo cabaret artist for example, then it doesn’t look too professional if you buried your head a music book. Learning lyrics can be a hard task for […]

Sing With Confidence

Sing With Confidence Feel too nervous to get up and have a go? – You are not alone. Many professional singers suffer with nerves before they sing live!!!    To sing with confidence? Try the following tips!! 1. The most difficult part is getting up to sing in front of an audience for the first time […]

Diction For Singers

Diction for Singers.   Diction is the art of speaking so that each word is clearly heard. In music, this is very important as without it songs may lose their meaning to the listener. So what is diction for singers? Although both music and lyrics are important, if the words cannot be understood, the song can […]