Singing Karaoke

The word Karaoke comes from the Japanese for ‘empty orchestra’.

Singing Karaoke

You usually see karaoke in local bars and pubs, but developments in technology over the years have produced home karaoke units, game consoles and even apps for your tablets and mobile phones.

How to sing karaoke.

Your first introduction to karaoke is usually at the local pub or at a mate’s house with a group of friends.

Browse through the songbook or choice of songs.  Chose a song you know well or pick an artist you know, who’s voice match yours. If you are able to sing-a-long to all/most of this artist’s songs, without straining your voice, this is a good place to start.

Remember, your first time on stage is about having a go

Give the song-number or the name to the karaoke host.

Sit down and enjoy the Show, and wait for your song.

If you’re at a professional operation, 20 seconds before your song comes up, “PREPARE FOR: xxxxx xxxxx (song title)” will be displayed on the screen.

Go to the side of the stage, take the mic and take your place.

Listen to the music – not your own voice. The sound you hear on stage is very different from the sound the audience hears. Don’t get frightened hearing your voice, and move away from the microphone. Focus on the music.

But most of all HAVE FUN!!!