Things You Only Know If You Sing In A Choir

Group Of School Children Singing In Choir Together

Let’s face it, singing in a choir is the most fun you can have with your clothes on.

When you’re feeling a little flat, nothing gives you more of a trill than some simple harmony.

And it’s not just about the music – you’ll never leave a choir without making some lifelong friends.

Here’s a few you only know if you sing in a choir.

 The weirder the warm up, the better it is

‘Hmmmmmmmmmmm’, *pant pant pant* ‘zzzZZZZZzzzzz’, *moves tongue round face*

 There’s always at least one diva

If you don’t know who they are then, yes, it’s you!

Smiling stops you singing flat

Or possibly hypnotises the audience into not noticing your mistakes.

There’s always one who has just learnt how to harmonise

And is going to show off by adding it in, even when it’s not meant to be there.

There’s always one who doesn’t really know what harmonising is

But this doesn’t stop them adding it in by mistake.

If they’re not in the hall they’re in the pub

Because beer is very good for the vocal chords.

There’s always one who sings really loudly during the bits they know, then mumbles the rest

Ok, we’ve all been this one at some point.

What happens in chorus stays in chorus

Not to mention the after-show do.

There’s always one who ‘corrects’ the MD, or tells the room a fact to show they’re musical

This fact is almost always wrong.

When the conductor says ‘quiet’ she means it

But this won’t stop the gossiping of the girls aged 13-93.

It’s hard to keep a straight face when the sopranos get warbly

This includes the sopranos.

As long as the face is smiling, and the lips are moving, you can get away with anything

Honestly, anything.