Things you only learn when you join a choir

Things you only learn when you join a choir

You will end up smiling

No matter how fed up you are, after an hour of singing, you will have a smile on your face.  A sing-a-long will really get the endorphins (feel good hormone) pumping around your system.

You’ll get a far more fun workout than spending an hour at the gym

Ok, so it might not tone you up quite like a spin class would, but as couple of hours singing will quickly burn off a few calories.

But, Hide the cakes

You will be famished when you get home from rehearsals, even if you had food beforehand.  So, if you want to keep the inches away – hide the cakes and put locks on the cupboard doors.

Singing is a great leveller.

It doesn’t matter what walk of life you are, you will mix with people who you may probably have never crossed paths with before, and you will make the best friends for life.



If you’re an alto, you’ll think Christmas has arrived early everytime you get the tune.

Soprano’s usually get to sing the main melody line of a song, whilst the altos, tenors and bass tend to get the harmonies, which are harder to master.


Christmas starts in September

Your suntan may not have started to fade, but as soon as September rolls around you’ll be having The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year, singing O Holy Night and White Christmas as the Christmas Concert countdown begins.


Almost every song could be given a choir twist

Many choirs don’t stick to traditional/choral pieces anymore.  You may find yourself singing new arrangements of anything from Abba to Zed Leplin.


You’ll no longer be able to sing to the radio like you used to.

Forget every song you have ever known. You will now be learning to sing parts to a favourite song to suit your voice type.   Whenever that song comes on the radio, you will find yourself singing your version.  Your non-choir friends will look on with amazement.


You will drive with your car window’s up and the air-conditioning on full blast.

You will be driving along with your practice CD on the car stereo, but you won’t want anyone listening to you when you stop at traffic lights.   Expect to see some crazy looks if you forget.

You will no longer need Soduko Crosswords or any other brain training.

To learn 30 songs in a matter of weeks, off by heart, for your next concert will having you cramming like never before.  You didn’t have this much to learn when you sat your GCSE’s.

Don’t worry about the performance. The most stressful part about the concert day is where you are sitting

If you are used to being surrounded by your alto pals during rehearsals, goodness help you if you are sitting next to a bass, or even worse, a soprano.   You will forget everything you have every learned in practice and will end up singing along to their part.

Every time you wear black* you will want to burst into song.

It’s probably your choir uniform colour, so of course you will associate the colour with singing.