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About Singing


Helpful advice regarding your singing voice and how to develop it.

About Your Voice Your vocal cord (also known as vocal folds) are two bands of elastic muscle tissue situated inside your larynx. These membranes are fixed at one end, giving them a V-shape and open and close to allow for breathing and sound production.

Diction For Singers When the listener hears a song, the words and music create an image, feeling or emotion to which they can relate. When the song is heard repeatedly this creates familiarity and the listener starts to understand the sentiments further, picking up words, even non-sensical ones that encourage participation.

Choosing A Singing Teacher  Good singing teachers are able to teach you the right technique and habits from the start and is a very good way of making progress, especially if you are a beginner.

Singing In A Choir  Have you ever wanted to be part of some kind of entertainment but were too embarrassed to be on a stage by yourself? Well a choir might be just the thing for you. This guide will help you get started singing in a choir.

Singing In Tune Singing out of tune means that the note is unintentionally not being sung in recognition to what is expected.    I’m pretty sure most of you have heard some excruciating examples of this in many of the TV talent shows out there.

Singing With An Accompanist As a singer you may want to seek out an accompanist that you can work with. So here are a few tips to help build a good working relationship with each other.

Singing Tips Improve your singing knowledge with our helpful singing tips and resources.