5th Interval Scale Improve your singing – free singing lesson.



This scale starts working on the agility of your vocal cords.  Your voice may well feel tired at first, but persevere.  It will become easier over time.

Again using the same consonant/vowel combination of

La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, (keychange)

Leh, leh, leh, leh, leh, leh, leh, leh,leh

Law, law, law, law, law, law, law, law, law,

Lee, lee, lee, lee, lee, lee, lee, lee, lee

Loo, loo, loo, loo, loo, loo, loo, loo, loo

and repeat a variation as the scale gets higher

As you get more confident with this exercise, you could try dropping the consonant and do the exercise just on the vowel sound:Ah, Eh, Aw, Ee, Oo (one sound for each keychange)

Use the play button to hear the track, or alternatively you can purchase the track to use on your computer, ipod etc

5th Interval Scale


5th interval Scale – Improve your singing voice Part of our free singing lessons.

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